Brightstar specializes in business development in France and internationally. We assist international companies to grow their business in France and French companies to increase their domestic and foreign development.

Project Financing and Financial Optimization

As the partner of a French leader in financial optimization we assist companies with two types of financial optimization:

Financing Innovation and R & D

Thanks to establishing partnerships adapted to this sector, coupled with a high-level tax engineering, we propose tax-innovative solutions for direct financing (BPI, FUI), indirect financing (Research Tax Credits, Collection Fee, Video Game) and obtaining statutes related to innovation (JEI, CIR Accreditation).

Optimization of local taxes

Instruct companies, investors, property owners, promoters and local authorities and social landlords in forecasting, auditing and valuing their local taxes and urban planning.

Our expertise is based on an alliance with real estate tax experts who have specific expertise in cadastral values ​​and in land surveying to identify the risks and undues associated with real estate taxation as well as the impactsof regulatory changes on real estate assets.


Use Case: Sixième Son

Sixième Son is the inventor of sound identity and musical design. Sixième Son assists leading brands to set up their sound identity and to develop their musical sector.

Customer Objective:

Sixième Son aims to enhance their business innovations by securing a partner with both financial expertise and an understanding of the complexity and originality of their business.

Brightstar Solution:

Full support throughout commercial discussions with the partner.

Point of contact and liaison for the full project duration.


Sixième Son optomises its projects.