Brightstar specializes in business development in France and internationally. We assist international companies to grow their business in France and French companies to increase their domestic and foreign development.

Project Management

Brightstar accompanies its clients throughout all stages of the project to ensure success. When an international company aims to develop its French market share the cultural and linguistic gap can hinder project success. Deploying our local knowledge we bridge the cultural divide to ensure the French and international client’s interests are fully aligned by using our permanent, on-the-spot, responsive contact who shares the same language and culture.


Use Case: Techsee

Techsee is an Israeli solution that allows technical support services and customer services to assist their users in a fast and efficient way with a visual assistance system based on artificial intelligence and augmented reality:

Company Objective:

Techsee has the opportunity to conduct a pilot project for a major French telco. Techsee has to ensure optimal conditions to ensure this leads to a contract.

Brightstar Solution:

  • Local & French speaking project management
  • Point of entry and single contact for the French Group
  • Launch of the pilot in all call centers spread across France and management of pilot projects in the outsourced call centers of the telecom group.
  • French translation of all technical documentation and platform


When the pilot concluded a global development contract was signed between Techsee and the French group, thereby capturing a leading French client with global renown.